[1.16.5] InvEffects - Apply potion effects while a player has an item in their inventory

the invEffect plugin aims to add the ability to make items give
a player potion effects from anywhere within their inventory

it features a controllable refresh period for potion effects, the ability to specify what part of inventory the items have to be in per effect per item (so you can have an item that in the hand give speed and in the off-hand resistance)

it is available for download on my github: https://github.com/aspwil/invEffect

it has 4 commands:

/invEffects set [inv/hotbar/hand/offhand/Armor] [effect] [power] - applies the effect to the item in your hand

/invEffects list - lists the effects on the item in your hand

/invEffects remove [inv/hotbar/hand/offhand/Armor] [effect] - removes the effect from the item

/invEffects clear - removes all the effects on the item in your hand

inv/hotbar/hand/offhand/armor specifies where the item has to be in order for the effect to activate

inv: inventory
hotbar: the hotbar (the bottom 9 slots)
hand: in the players hand
offhand: the offhand slot (the other hand)
armor: in one of the players armor slots

it has a single permission to allow all these commands


it works by writing metadata to the items,

so if you don’t want to use the commands

you could add this meta data to an item


all the effects are comma separated so if you wanted to do 2 effects you would do


a effect value of speed,0 corresponds to the effect Speed I

and a value of speed,1 would give you Speed II

there is a corresponding tag for each set of spaces in your inventory

inv: “inveffects:inveffects”
hotbar: “inveffects:hotbareffects”
hand: “inveffects:handeffects”
offhand: “inveffects:offhandeffects”
armor: “inveffects:armoreffects”

if you have any thoughts or questions be sure to let me know, this is my first plugin (but definitely not my first time coding)