1.16.5 chunk tps problem

when i started the server tps always 8. this is some timings of my server



Don’t host on Windows. I also suspect the CPU you’re on is garbage or overloaded. Find a better host.
Skript is bad on principle, try to steer the server’s development away from any fork of skript plugins.
Read this guide in full. Then read it again: https://github.com/YouHaveTrouble/minecraft-optimization

Tappers mentioned good points above, check that out, I’m just writing this to add few things:

  1. You have too many worlds

  2. You are using Windows and it is performance is not comparable to Linux (as said above), but even if you stuck with Windows at least do not use 2008 or 2012, which is EOL, the latest is Windows Server 2019 but even that is not comparable to Linux performance.

  3. Your Java version is old (1.8.0_271), you should at least update to (1.8.0_281) but I’ll recommend using Java 11 (11.0.10), which has tons of advantages over Java 8 and Java 8 will not be supported when Paper 1.17 comes.

  4. Use the Aikar’s flags exactly as-is. You have added the flag “-Dpaper.debug-sync-loads=true”, which should not be used outside of debugging. Remove that.