[1.16.4] Piglins won't pick up any dropped gold


Me and my friends made a server on a VPS and we recently wanted to build a piglin trading farm. But we discovered that piglins won’t pick up any dropped gold, they only barter when clicked on with the gold.

MobGriefing is set to true and difficulty on hard.
Villagers can pick up food that is thrown at them and any other mob (like Zombies) can also pick up items.

Could this be a bug with PaperMC or is there a setting I don’t know about? I’ve looked all over the internet and couldn’t find any solution for this problem.

I’m using PaperMC 1.16.4 v351 and following plugins:

  • NoMobGriefing (against creeper and zombies destroying doors)
  • Dynmap

I tested the server withNoMobGriefing disabled, but there is no difference.

Thanks for your help!

idk if this might help but try changing the gamerule domob griefing when you go to nether idk why
but rules lie fall damage didnt work in the nether and in the overworld it did so i went to nether and checked the command was diffrenet there …

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Yep, that solved it for me, thank you!

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1.17 (LATEST) (BEDROCK) Piglins Still wont pick up any dropped Gold by me, no matter what I try. Occasionally, one will barter 1 single time. What can i do?

did you check for the rules in the nether? If mobgriefing is active in the overworld doesn’t imply that it is also in the nether.

bedrock edition? Paper is a Java edition server, so this isnt the place for bedrock issues.

makes sense, I overlooked that it was bedrock