[1.16.1-3] Players teleport to overworld on login after logging off in either the end or nether dimension

I run a 1.16.3 private minecraft server for my friends, and for the last few months whenever you logged off in the nether or end, you would teleport to the overworld. I tried doing this when using the default minecraft server.jar and this did not happen. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello, so with me, when I log out in the “End” and connect back to the server, I end up where I was. But I don’t really understand your concerns at the moment.

Do you want to be teleported back to the Overworld or do you want to log in where you were last?

With kind regards

MrFireDevil :fire:

Hey @The_1rrrj,
Please provide a list of plugins, so we can fix this is as fast as possible.

Log files will also be appreciated