[1.16 - 1.17] KaBoom - Ballistic Explosion Debris & Physics

KaBoom is my implementation of explosion physics in Minecraft.

It works for TNT, Creepers, Fireballs and any other Explosion.
It is recommended that Paper Spigot is used.



  • Silk touch option for explosions.
  • Disable or Enable debris.
  • Debris drop their block’s loot tables.
  • Debris can deal damage to entities they hit.
  • Debris landing sound effects.
  • Ability to set if debris should play break particles if they fail to land.
  • Ability to set whether or not to place specific or all types of debris.
  • Ability to set whether or not to drop items for specific or all types of debris.
  • Explosion physics are dynamically calculated.
  • CoreProtect support.

Configuration: click to view configuration



Updated & tested against Paper 1.17


  • Fixed issue with deserialization error handling
  • Fixed bouncing issue with raytracing
  • Performance improvements in regards to on-the-fly allocations.

Update 1.5.0


  • Added support for random velocity to make explosions look better

Update 1.5.1


  • Added permission for the reload command