[1.16-1.17+] HardcoreLife - Minecraft Plugin for a Hardcore survival multiplayer with life system

HardcoreLife 2.1.2


Minecraft Plugin for a Hardcore survival multiplayer with life system with 2 options:

  • Global Lives: The server shares lives wit hall players. If a player dies, everyone loses a life.

  • Player Lives: Players have their own set of lives.

Supports PaperMC 1.16-1.17+

A detailed wiki can be found here.

Our plugin can also be found here:


/lives : Show the numbers of lives you have

/setlives : Set the life count of a player

/resetserver : Delete all worlds and reset the life count. When global lives is enabled and the life count hits 0, this command becomes gloally accessible.

More details here


See the config.yml file of the plugin, more details in the Wiki


No active dependencies at this time.

Issue? Need help or have suggestions?

Please feel free to open an issue here! We welcome new suggestions and always appreciate bug reports.

If you’re not sure where to start, or would like to helpo contribute to the proceject, check out our Contributing guidelines.

TODO & future plan

You can follow ours plan and our todo list here.

Feel free to suggest & and create pull requests!

Licenced under GNU General Public License v3.0

More simple : https://choosealicense.com/licenses/gpl-3.0/#


                   Version 3, 29 June 2007

Copyright © 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. https://fsf.org/

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies

of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.


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v2.1.0 is out now!

Overhauls the process for handling movement after permadeath, without changing behavior from 2.0.0. Also adds support for reviving a player/server who’s life count has hit 0, via the /setlives command.

  • Adds the ability to enable/disable movement prevention after permadeath
    • Added death_movement to config.yml
      • If unspecified, defaults to the value of global_lives
    • Updated permadeath handler to only restrict movement if death_movement: True
  • Adds support for reviving a player/server who’s life has hit 0, via /setlives
    • Increasing life count from 0 will change the player’s gamemode back to survival, add an extra life to the player, then immediately kill the player. This allows us to piggyback on the server’s normal respawning system, and give the revived player the ability to respawn on their own terms.
  • Updated handing of configuration files to only read values on server start.
    • This allows server operators to modify plugin files without affecting the running server.
    • Changes from config.yaml will be reloaded, while changes to lives.yml will be overwritten on server reload/shutdown.
  • Documented that hardcore = true does not work properly
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v2.1.1 has been released to add bStats support

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2.1.2 - Adds support for Hardcore mode.

When Hardcore=true and a player dies, HardcoreLife will now cancel the server’s attempt to perma-kill the player (setting the gamemode to Spectator). This is handled by checking to see if the player is within the server’s spawn radius, or within 2 blocks of their bed. Because of this, it’s impossible to set your gamemode to Spectator while the server is set to Hardcore AND you are in one of these two locations. For more details, please see Issue #15.

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