1.15.2 server lighting bug

Hey, this is my first post here.
I recently upgraded to paper 1.15.2 and it has been really good up to yesterday. Now I don’t know if this is an issue with paper, but there is a huge lighting bug that makes some chunks dark and light sources just don’t function as they should.

This is fixed by simply updating the lighting in the chunk with /time set day/night but it gets worse over time. The day/night trick doesn’t work for chunks that are not exposed to the sunlight either, you have to manually update it by replacing the light sources which is a pain.

Any help on why this issue might be occurring would be appreciated! Thank you for your time!

I got the same problem a couple of days ago, it happened because I had a major crash on my server and has to forcestop it. Got rid of it by deleting the cache of my world by adding the next parameter to the start up:

Java -jar server.jar- --forceUpgrade–eraseCache

Yep that fixed it, I used that a few hours ago. Took a while, about 1.6 million chunks needed to be reloaded. The lighting glitch was caused by FAWE and I have now reverted back to the standard world edit. Thanks for your reply! I hope this helps others too :slight_smile:


You are welcome, I would recommend you to use AWE instead of FAWE

Hi worldly how do you delete cache and add the parameter?