1.15.2 Item sorters (hoppers) not working, items skipping over

I’ve seen two posts about this specific topic from this forum, and a few others elsewhere so far. However, none seem to offer a working solution. I’m trying to use water streams for an item sorter. Using hoppers instead of water streams is just far too laggy and slow so I’ve torn that down. However, the issue is that items are skipping over perfectly working filters that are not full. Is there something I can change in the server settings that would fix this? I am fine with disabling some optimizations if they are the cause. TPS is a perfect 20 on the server so that’s not the issue. Slowing down the items does help but does not mitigate the issue unfortunately.

Hoppers were nerfed in the vanilla game, aka they take longer to process/filter out items. I’m pretty sure there is a smart hoppers plugin which is useful, and in the server config file you might still be able to change hopper processing speed.

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