[1.15.2] First Light

If you run a server on your personal computer, you might notice sometimes that the server crashes and rolls back to a few hours before. The people on your server might be a little upset. In fact, if you let your server run for too long without shutting it down, it will crash, and that’s sad for everyone.

This plugin will shutdown the server when the last man standing on the server quits and will set the time to 0 so the next people to come on the server will come in the morning.


  • Shutdown the server
  • Set the time to 0

Before using this plugin, I recommend using a loop to start your server as it will shutdown frequently.


@echo off
	ping > nul
	java -Xmx3G -jar paper.jar nogui
goto x


while :
	sleep 5
	java -Xmx3G -jar paper.jar nogui