1.14.x TPS Lost

ich bräuchte Hilfe…
Wir haben auf unserem Server TPS Lost… Ich weiß nicht genau was ich dagegen machen kann/soll… Vielleicht kann mir jemand Tipps oder Ideen dazu geben…
Timings: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=64dd2335562e4c749e2ae384676b2512#timings

I need help …
We have on our server TPS Lost … I do not know exactly what I can do about it / should … Maybe someone can give me some tips or ideas …
Timings: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=64dd2335562e4c749e2ae384676b2512#timings

First off, I highly doubt you’ll need more than 10GB of memory, more memory doesn’t per se mean better performance. I’d recommend to read this.

One of the issue seems to be regarding mob spawning. You have so many plugins that are attached to that specific event. Enable the plugins that affect mob spawning one by one and see if you can find the culprits.

Another one seem to be lag from pillagers (which is an actual bug). This I use myself to limit their spawning.

Good luck!