[1.14.x] Chunkmaster


This plugin can be used to pre-generate the region of a world around the spawn chunk.
The generation automatically pauses when a player joins the server (assuming the server was empty before)
and resumes when the server is empty again. The generation also auto-resumes after a server
restart. The plugin tracks the ticks per second and pauses the generation when the tps
is lower than 2.


You can download the plugin on the spigot forum.


All features can be accessed with the command /chunkmaster or the aliases /chm, chunkm, cmaster.

  • /chunkmaster generate [world] [chunk count] Starts the generation until the specified chunk count or the world border is reached.
  • /chunkmaster list Lists all running generation tasks
  • /chunkmaster cancel <Task id> Cancels the generation task with the specified id (if it is running).
  • /chunkmaster pause Pauses all generation tasks until the resume command is executed.
  • /chunkmaster resume Resumes all paused generation tasks.
  • /chunkmaster reload Reloads the configuration file.



  # The maximum amount of chunks that are loaded before unloading and saving them.
  # Higher values mean higher generation speed but greater memory usage.
  # The value should be a positive integer.
  max-loaded-chunks: 10

  # Paper Only
  # The maximum amount of requested chunks with the asynchronous paper chunk
  # loading method. Higher values mean faster generation but more memory usage
  # (and probably bigger performance impact).
  # The value should be a positive integer.
  max-pending-chunks: 10

  # The period (in ticks) in which a generation step is run.
  # Higher values mean less performance impact but slower generation.
  # The value should be a positive integer.
  period: 2

  # Paper Only
  # The number of already generated chunks that will be skipped for each step.
  # Notice that these still have a performance impact because the server needs to check
  # if the chunk is generated.
  # Higher values mean faster generation but greater performance impact.
  # The value should be a positive integer.
  chunks-skips-per-step: 5

  # The maximum milliseconds per tick the server is allowed to have
  # during the cunk generation process.
  # If the mspt is greather than this, the chunk generation task pauses.
  # The value should be a positive integer greater than 50.  
  mspt-pause-threshold: 500

  # If the chunk generation process should pause on player join.
  # Notice that playing on a server that constantly generates chunks can be
  # very laggy and can cause it to crash.
  # You could configure the values above so that the performance impact of the generation
  # process is minimal.
  # The value should be a boolean <true/false>
  pause-on-join: true

Spigot and Paper

The plugin works on spigot and paper servers but is significantly faster on paper servers
(because it profits from asynchronous chunk loading an the better implementation of the
isChunkGenerated method).

How do you install this? I downloaded the zip and it gives me a .gradle file? what do I do with that???

Where did you download it? This is the latest jar.

From GitHub. I just pressed the big green download

That would download the repository. If you want the plugin jar you need to download it under releases on github.