1.14.4 when there is no plug-in in the paper core, there is only one ess and one lagassist installed to test the transmission of the carton TPS

Hello, I’m a server manager from China. Using your paper core, there is a drop in delivery carton TPS. After testing, only ess and lagassist plug-ins are loaded to test the delivery of Caton TPS. The lagassist plug-in is equipped with a map observation TPS. It can be seen from the map that the TPS is significantly reduced. When the server has 20 players, each player’s delivery will reduce the TPS

Is it my optimization problem or where.

  1. Whatever translation thing you used did not do a good job
  2. lag prevention plugins often do more harm than good, take a timings sample and start addressing actual issues instead of tryna use a plugin to workaround that mess