1.14.4 - Server Lag when players die/teleport/change world

Thats it, as the title says, everytime a new player joins the server, it lags for few seconds. Also, when regular players join/die/change world the server lags for a few seconds as well.

Theres no errors in the console!

Timings: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=4c40adc5ea2d461d83fd8c3ae4833b87#timings

Some people told me this could be a PEX/EssentialsX/InventoryRestorer/WorldGuard problem so I changed my permission plugin to “LuckPerms” but I do not know what to do with the other ones. Sometimes if players use /teleport command of essentials it lags as well


Hello @Emivg

maybe it can happen because you do not got enough RAM, bacause i got the same problem.
But thats because i don’t got enough RAM either. So when a player teleports it lags for a few seconds.
So maybe you should opgrade your RAM for your server.