1.14.3 LAG - Under 13 TPS

Hey there guys! Hope you are doing well.

So I had this server before on 1.13.2 and everything was working perfectly fine, 20 TPS all the time, but when updating, with over 15 players, the game starts to lag. Here is the timings report, could you please tell me what is the exact issue?

Plugins: https://imgur.com/ZEThIyH
Timings: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=32ef67f67234479b94c25cd29057f500

I have an i9 9900X @ 4.5 Ghz as the server CPU so idk what to do. Any help is much appreciated!

From the report. I think it’s Entity lag?

Did your player have huge chicken farm? or Chicken in 1x1x1 area? (that impact lot of performance)
or Kind of big Horse farm?

Please check number of entities in your world

Get a plugin like Clear lagg and limit entities per chunk to something like 10 and stop over breeding.

I had an issue with one player on my server building a huge map that covered an entire chunk and when he logged in the server would go from 20TPS to 6TPS in seconds.