1.14.3 Lag problem

Hi, So i have a server with almost 30+ players and it really lags bad, any idea what it might be my log:

Lots of spiders in your world?

Nope not in my case.

Minecraft::tickEntity - nms.EntitySpider

count(9154019) total(33.05% 132.216s, 55.19% of tick)

Thinking about this line?

ohh I see, I limit them a bit but my server still lags I think it might be processor it self that has issue running on hard load

What is your processor?

Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1245 v5

15GB ram

Hmm… well, you should be able to do it fine… I think.

Yeah I should but if there is more then 29+ players tps drops like crazy.

My timing today ehh :frowning:

Weird :confused:

Mine: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=c5dad0a14f164830bc08bf603cf9cd82

Well if it’s 3-10 players it’s fine the problem is after 29+ players really

Yea… I dont have that kind of player base :smiley: So I can’t compare tho…

Hello. I can’t create a thread yet so I’m turning here. The server at 1.14.4 we at 20-30 players will start producing a huge number of mobs (3000-6000) Then the server will start lagging. According to Majong, this should be fixed. Therefore, I want to ask for a solution. Thank you for all the advice