[1.14 - 1.16.x] SimpleAddons

A simple plugin to help out your server community without impacting on performance.

Full feature list for SimpleAddons:

  • Shortcuts for common commands such as /c for /gamemode creative
  • A nice lil custom welcome message for your server
  • A sad message whenever someone leaves your server
  • An admin wand for when you need to discipline your players
  • Feed and Heal commands for ops
  • Day/Night/Midday and Midnight commands
  • Basic better sleeping
  • Ping command
  • God mode
  • Fly mode
  • Update checker
  • Check if someone is online
  • Simple, easy to use GUI


  • Active dev team always listening and trying to make SimpleAddons better!
  • Top notch performance!

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Plugin download
Source code

uhhh people already did some of that :stuck_out_tongue:

like maybe we can make it paper and like you can coustamize your skins :slight_smile:

Many bug fixes, gui revamp and performance improvements

Added 4 different menus:

  1. Gamemodes, which contains all vanilla gamemodes as well as god mode, flight and the admin wand
  2. Time. Set the time to 4 preset values, day, midday, night and midnight
  3. Healing. Allows you to heal, or feed yourself. Or both!
  4. Hover over the compass so see your ping intuitively and get the most correct info with the live updated value!

Other Stuff:
Added a couple of placeholders for anyone who uses PlaceholderApi
Fixed bug with /simpleaddons update not giving the correct response
Fixed bugs and made improvements to gamemode commands
Fixed bug with /simpleaddons not knowing what version you are using
Fixed issues with console running player commands
Fixed bug with /online [player] not working when their not online
Fixed bug with /feed tab complete not showing up
Fixed /checkping command saying your not their
Fixed bug with /checkping tab complete not showing up
Fixed bug where dropping normal spectral arrow would trigger Admin Wand drop event
Changed join message colour to green
Added stat for if placeholderapi is installed
Added /online command to list all online players or check if a specific player is online
Removed /checkonline to make room for /online
Removed better sleep because lets me real, it wasn’t better
LOTS of performance improvements

Fixed startup bug