[1.13.x] Invincible World Chests


Prevents chests with loot tables (those generated from the world) from being destroyed.

In order for this plugin to work, edit your paper.yml and enable

  auto-replenish: true

Source: https://github.com/nossr50/Invincible-World-Chests
Donate: https://www.paypal.me/nossr50
Download: https://github.com/nossr50/Invincible-World-Chests/releases


You should add the ability to specify which loottables are invincible. With the use of datapacks now, server admins can add their own loottable chests to the game as a type of reward system. Not being able to specify which loottables are invincible means even these reward chests are invincible.


This is a good suggestion, I’m not sure when I’ll find time to do that unfortunately!


Cool idea! I might need to use this plugin.


Because this is also checking for entities (minecart chests) with lootables, horses and villagers will also be invincible.