[1.13.X] Best View Distance



A view distance plugin for Paper. Created to boost ping/tps and view distance.

How it works ?

This plugin chooses the best view distance for your players.
The view distance is calculated based on your ping and the TPS of the server.
If the TPS are low, the view distance is reduced by a percentage called “reduction indice”.
The reduction indice changes according to the TPS of the server.

This plugin reduces players lag, reduces players ping and optimizes your server a better view distance.


Please download Paper !
It’s better than spigot and bukkit.
Also provide you a lot of optimizations and options.


/view server => Get reduction indice. 
/view tps => Get server's tps. 
/view ping <player> => Get player ping. 
/view <player> => Get player view distance. 
/view limit => View config limits

Permission : view.check


  Min: 4 // Min View Distance. Keep it above 3.
  Max: 16 // Max View Distance.
  Delay: 20 // Delay between calculations, in seconds. Keep it above 15.


Add me on Discord => Lxct#9971
I’d like to hear your comments ! <3


Spigot Link (DOWNLOAD LINK) : https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/best-view-distance.61963/
Github Link : https://github.com/Lxct/BestViewDistance


you should configure your git user properly when pushing to github, run

git config --global user.name <yourname>
git config --global user.email <[email protected]>

else you just show up as buildtools online (and nobody wants to be identified as buildtools :smile:)

you also have a very weird way of coding, that makes it really hard to read (at least for me), but the plugin itself seems very nice, I am sure ppl will put it to good use.


Hi ! About github, I don’t know why, but when I put my changes (Even after entering these commands), it still shows me as “Build tools”
Btw this plugin need a lot of optimizations, I’ll try to make it more readable (and to fix my english).
Thanks for your comment !


once you change your identity via the commands I listed, your next commit should show up under your name.


More details regarding this calculation would be nice. Especially the details of this method https://github.com/Lxct/BestViewDistance/blob/master/src/main/java/me/lxct/bestviewdistance/functions/set.java#L59 would be interesting to users of your plugin, IMHO. You could explain this really nicely with a flow-chart or a process diagram.

Anyways: I think this will help some people :slight_smile:


Well, i wish i can give you more details but, i’m not very good in english… :dizzy_face:


New biig update !
=> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/best-view-distance.61963/update?update=250476