1.13 & Catching Up

It has been some time since we published any announcements and quite a bit has changed. There was a lot of community resource stuff in the works that kept us pushing back any announcements. Unfortunately this meant that 1.13 came and went without any specific announcement from us. Our twitter feed was updated throughout though, so if you aren’t following over there yet you probably should.

Now, let’s see if we can’t work back through the highlights.

Minecraft 1.13.2

This announcement is rather late given that 1.13 launched in middle of July. So we’ll avoid restating all the basics and just hit the highlights.

Minecraft 1.13 was released with much fanfare throughout many player bases, however it was a bit underwhelming at launch. The initial release had several notable issues converting old world data to the newer systems and formats 1.13 introduced. With the 1.13.1 update, many of these issues were resolved. Unfortunately, a few remained and as a result it didn’t change much for servers. We are happy to boast of fixing these issues in 1.13.1, prior to Mojang’s 1.13.2 update.

Paper has been fully updated to 1.13.2 and it is now the recommended version for general use.

Minecraft 1.13, like all new updates, also brought its own series of performance issues and trouble spots. We have gotten many of these ironed out but work is ongoing. Paper 1.13.2 does feature asynchronous chunk loading and world generation. This brings an immense performance increase to world loading and generation, as well as reducing those massive lag spikes you traditionally get from generating the world. This was not an insignificant amount of work so you should throw some tacos at @Aikar next you see him.

Minecraft 1.12.2

Given the size of the 1.13 update, the massive amount of code changes both internally and in the API, we did not want to just drop 1.12.2 servers and have them forced to choose between a half-baked update at launch or never getting any bug fixes. Unfortunately, the PaperMC team has neither the member count, the resources, or the time to properly support two versions of the game concurrently and ensure they get identical changes. We’ve tried it in the past.

As most of you remaining on 1.12.2 have already noticed, new releases are still being published albeit it at a slower rate than before. We are continuing to provide bug fix updates to 1.12.2 as issues are reported to us and we are backporting any fixes we apply to 1.13 that are relevant to 1.12. We are only providing fixes. We are no longer updating 1.12.2 with new APIs or features nor are we accepting pull requests or external contributions of features.

We have not decided on any specific date or cut-off for bug fixes but you should assume they will not be provided forever. When we have decided what that deadline is we will edit this post and send out a tweet from the @PaperPowered twitter account to let everyone know.

Downloads, Forums, etc

As you’ve hopefully noticed by this point in the post, we are no longer on AquiferMC for forums anymore. When the PaperMC organization absorbed the WaterfallMC organization and its projects it made sense to consolidate all resources to a single domain. This means forums, it means downloads, it means maven, it means all the things. Don’t worry though, all the old stuff will redirect to the new domain, so just make sure you’re following the redirects.

Along with the shiny new forums, we also now have a better web presence in general with a new site located at https://papermc.io/ that helps consolidate information for those new to the community. The new site also features a friendlier download and change log page here. We hope this will help get people the information they want (what’s changed) without having to dig through the build server directly and facing lots of irrelevant information. There’s still work to be done but everything is shaping up nicely.

The user-facing documentation remains the last hold out at this point. We have some plans on how to better integrate it and keep it updated but we don’t have any specific timeframes in mind. We are always looking for people interested in writing documentation, how-to’s, etc. It has become clear that this is an area we will always need help in. Feel free to stop by, drop a pull request, and ask us any questions in IRC or Discord.


Paper has continued to see rapid growth and wonderful engagement with the community. The level of support we receive is mind numbing. Administrators, plugin developers, server developers, other server implementations, etc. The list goes on and on and it means a lot to us.

So thanks.
Thanks to our wonderful contributors who submit code changes and help us make Paper the best it can be.
Thanks to those of you who help out and answer questions and spread the word.
Thanks to the admins and plugin developers who ask questions in IRC and Discord, who submit bug reports.
Thanks to those of you who just use Paper.
Thanks to whoever it is I’m sure I’m forgetting.

You’re all an important part of the community and all of us appreciate it.



Paper is amazing, thank you everyone who is involved for your time and effort put in!

Long live paper!

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