[1.13.2] NoCreativePhantoms


This is a simple and lightweight plugin that utilizes one of the many Paper only API additions. :wink:

Just drop this jar into your plugins folder and restart your server and then phantoms will no longer spawn because of you while you are in creative mode. This does not interfere with spawning from other players like other Spigot plugin equivalents do, even if those players are near you.

No config. No Permissions. No commands. It just works. \o/

Downloads: https://github.com/BillyGalbreath/NoCreativePhantoms/releases

Source Code: https://github.com/BillyGalbreath/NoCreativePhantoms


I didn’t realize that Phantoms still spawned for Creative players… Gonna have to keep this little plugin in mind for the future.


Yeah, I was just as surprised to find out this isn’t vanilla behavior.


Is it known if they also spawn for players in Spectator mode? I mean, I would imagine not, but since Mojang didn’t enforce that for Creative mode… I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.


Negative, Mojang did check for spectator gamemode. :wink:


Figures, they got it half right. xD


I wonder if this could be one of the Paper configurations?