[1.13.2] FairNaturalSpawns


With Paper build 572+, we improved natural mob spawning to no longer count non natural spawns in its calculations of ‘are we at the mob limit’.

this helps ensure that many farms and other entities do not impact natural spawning and allows the world to have consistent spawns.

How ever, if a player is using a mob farm that uses natural spawning, they could still hoard mobs and prevent spawning for other players.

This plugin will fix this issue by cancelling spawns for any player who already has a bunch of natural spawned monsters near them.

This will impact that players farm efficiency by reducing how many mobs they can ‘pool’ up, but if their farm auto kills the monster, it should not be impacted.

With this, 1 player should no longer be able to impact the rest of the players on the servers mob spawning.

This isn’t meant to be perfect. It targets monsters only atm since that’s the main thing ‘farmed’.