[1.13.2 - 1.17+] Weather Effect - Create your own weather, works with Custom Biome and Datapacks!

WeatherEffect is a plugin that allows users to customize their own effects for different sets of biomes.
This plugin can play sound. Can replicate the sound of strong wind or customize however you like!!
Step outside of the house? You get potion effects like Slow or Blindness.
Maybe you want to spawn more Entities with the weather effects then this plugin is for you. Best of all


  • Separate Modules (Particles, Sound, Effects, Summon Entities)
  • Can set different rates of spawning (Particles, Sound, Effects, Summon Entities)
  • Works with Custom Biomes Datapacks
  • Ceiling Checks, Ground Checks, Airchecks, etc… (Makes things more realistic)
  • Upcoming Support for custom NBT tags summon Entities
  • Configurable and customizable.
  • Limitless Weather Effects styles - Spark your creativity!!!


  • NBT API - Google Search it… :< Can put two links

Not yet tested on version below 1.17

Sandstorm Weather Effect

Downloads: https://github.com/Aiamded/WeatherEffect
Guides and Wiki: https://github.com/Aiamded/WeatherEffect/wiki

While developing this plugin, I sparked up lots of ideas in creating Weather Effect. Like when the weather is clear there will be falling leaves falling in the air. You can also configure it in a way that it will fall from leaves too!! Hailing and Blizzard, Sandstorm (See picture above).

You can use this plugin just to play sound, spawn more Entities, give player effects or spawn particles. You can turn off other modules.