[1.13.2 - 1.16.5] BlueMap - A Minecraft map in 3d

BlueMap is a tool that generates 3d-maps of your Minecraft worlds and displays them in your browser. Take a look at this demo. It is really easy to set up - almost plug-and-play - if you use the integrated web-server (optional).

The Sponge/Spigot-Plugin automatically updates your map as soon as something changes in your world, as well as rendering newly generated terrain and managing the render-tasks.

Some features and some blocks are still missing. Especially some tile-entities will not render correctly/at all. See below for a list of what is planned for future releases.



There is the latest recommended release, or if you want to try the latest (but not much tested) features you can choose the latest snapshot from here!

Getting started

BlueMap is mostly plug-and-play. Just install it like every other Paper-Plugin and start your server. BlueMap will then generate some config-files for you in the ./plugins/BlueMap/ folder. Here you can configure your maps and the web-server.

Please read the wiki for more information!

If you need help with the setup, feel free to join the Discord-server, I’ll be happy to help you there!

Metrics and Webserver

BlueMap uses bStats and an own metrics-system and is hosting a web-server!

Metrics are really useful to keep track of how the plugin is used and helps me stay motivated! Please turn them on :slight_smile:

bStats: All data collected by bStats can be viewed here: https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/BlueMap.
It can always be turned of in bStats’s config.

own metrics: Additionally to bStats, BlueMap is sending a super small report, containing only the implementation-name and the version of the BlueMap-plugin to my server. I do this, because there are some other implementations for BlueMap (Fabric, Forge, CLI) that are not supported by bStats. Here is an example report:

    "implementation": "spigot",
    "version": "0.0.0"

This data-collection can be turned off in BlueMap’s core.conf configuration!

web-server: The web-server is enabled by default but can be disabled in the plugin-config. By default the web-server is bound to all network-interfaces (‘’) on port 8100 and is hosting the content of the ./bluemap/web/-folder.

Commands and Permissions

command permission description
/bluemap bluemap.status displays BlueMaps render status
/bluemap version bluemap.version displays BlueMaps version and some more usefull system-information
/bluemap help bluemap.help displays a list of all possible BlueMap-commands
/bluemap reload bluemap.reload reloads all resources, configuration-files and the web-server
/bluemap maps bluemap.status shows all maps loaded by BlueMap
/bluemap worlds bluemap.status shows all worlds loaded by BlueMap
/bluemap pause bluemap.pause pauses all rendering
/bluemap resume bluemap.resume resumes all paused rendering
/bluemap render [world|map] [x z] [block-radius] bluemap.render renders the whole world or optionally a defined radius around the player
/bluemap render cancel bluemap.render cancels the last render-task in the queue
/bluemap purge <map-id> bluemap.render purges (deletes) all data of a rendered map
/bluemap marker create <id> <map-id> <label> bluemap.marker creates a basic POI-Marker at the player position
/bluemap marker remove <id> bluemap.marker removes the marker with that id
/bluemap debug block bluemap.debug prints some debug info about the blocks at the players position
/bluemap debug cache bluemap.debug clears bluemap’s world-caches

(Also see this list)

Todo / planned features

Here is a todo-list ordered by what i right now think is the priority, but might always change or be reordered at my discretion. (I develop BlueMap in my free-time, so nothing here is a promise and there are no ETA’s)

Issues / Suggestions

You found a bug, have another issue or a suggestion? Please create an issue on GitHub!

You are also very welcome to join the Discord-server and the reddit!


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there small bugs but verry verry nice! me and my friends are verry happy! download now!

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