[1.13-1.16] BetterSleeping

UPDATE 3.0.5 is out now!
Added some new cool features: Running per-player console commands as buff or debuff), Skyblock/BentoBox support, Citizens2 support, and more!

Download on GitHub (click here)!

Download on Spigot (click here)

BetterSleeping is a Paper plugin that guarantees a better sleeping experience for Paper servers! It aims to improve sleeping in multiplayer by only having a certain percentage of players sleep. BetterSleeping strives to be the best sleeping plugin out there by providing great support, offering the most features and great customizability .

BetterSleeping is well documented and easy to configure. Take a look at the wiki. If this wiki does not satisfy your admin needs, feel free to join the Discord server to get help or submit a suggestion. You can contact me however you want: In a GitHub issue, discussion section or through a PM on the forum. However, I am most active on Discord.

This is the free version of BetterSleeping . The premium version was released to make sure I can keep putting my time in this awesome project. All core features will always be a part of the free version!

Outdated but awesome showcase:

Customizability is the most important feature. Check the wiki to see all options and commands.

New: The free version now shortens the prefix to [BS] by default. This can be disabled when desired.
Interested in a customisable prefix and/or command GUIs? Check out BetterSleeping Premium !

Shared features:

  • Set a percentage of minimum players in a world that need to sleep. Or set a static number that will always be the same.
  • Time goes by faster when enough players are sleeping or time is set to day after a delay when enough players sleep. It’s totally up to you.
    • The speedup of time is customisable and includes a base speedup, extra speedup per extra sleeping player and max speedup.
    • The delay players need to stay in bed before the time is set, can be customised.
    • Read more about these options on the wiki!
  • Multiple languages are supported for most messages. This includes English, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish. It is also possible to use a custom lang file!
  • There is singular/plural support built into the language system!
  • Missing options can be automatically added to config files. This happens when you delete an existing option or new features are added in an update.
  • Disable any BetterSleeping message you don’t need!
  • Reload BetterSleeping configuration without having to restart/reload your server with [icode]/bs reload[/icode]
  • Phantoms can be entirely disabled!
  • Give buffs (potion effects) to players that slept! Also non-sleepers can get potion effects (referred to as debuffs).
  • Bypass permissions allow a player to be ignored by the required sleeping count. These players can sleep if they want to. Check the wiki to learn how to give these permissions.
  • Essentials support ! Afk and vanished players are ignored by the required sleeping counter by default.

And even more features will be added in the future. Make sure to submit your ideas so I get an idea what is wanted by the community.

There is a complete wiki that contains information about commands, permissions and configuration. You can take a look at the wiki here.

For support, you can: