[1.13-1.15] Highlight - Item research triggered by a command

Highlight - Item Dectector Plugin

A simple plugin that creates a command permitting users to apply a glow effects on any container containing a choosen item.

How it works ?

Each time an user write the command /highlight , he's saved in a .yml file and switched to creative gamemode, each one of his interaction are then cancelled while he is in the file. When the user takes an object from the creative inventory to his survival inventory, the item will be searched in every container in a radius. Found containers are then flagged by a glow effect and the user gets back to survival gamemode.

Radius of the research can defined in the config.yml file, it affects research time. Flag duration and a limit number to stop the research after x containers found can be aswell defined in the config.yml file.

/!\ : If you uninstall the plugin while players are in highlight mode, they will stay in creative gamemode.


This plugin uses Paper [Paper](https://papermc.io)


/highlight is the only command implemented in the plugin, it activates Highlight mode.


You can modify research radius and glow effect duration in config.yml files, research radius mostly modify research time, default value should not affects server performance.


Please feel free to add me on Discord : Brightex #0947, and to comment this post


Download link : https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/1-15-2-highlight-item-dectector-plugin.76095/