[1.12.2+] BenjiAuth - Finally, a usable authentication plugin for your proxy!

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This plugin used to be my true friend on one Estonian network, while we were testing how many players are around here interested in playing Minecraft and Factions gamemode.

However, while I was setting up the network, I wanted to move authentication on proxy. But damnit, BungeeCord did not have any proper plugin dealing with that task (or with proper quality).

Long story short, it was battle-tested against about ~100 players (if I recall correctly) and network is now shut down (as we got our research results).
So here’s my cute hand-crafted plugin, rebranded and open sourced under pretty MIT license, instead of left dying in private git repository. Neat, innit?

Enough of the story. Let’s speak about features.


  • Moving from authentication server to lobby server (helpful when auth server’s sole purpose is to authenticate) (optional)
  • Disabling chat, commands and moving between servers if not authenticated
  • Support for FastLogin plugin
  • Support for LuckPerms (adds new context with name authenticated, see below)
  • Enforcing certain password rules (such as min/max length, disallowing using username)
  • Using any database backend what ORMLite supports if you provide respective database driver (hint: Ctrl-F Supports)
  • Pretty HOCON based configuration
  • Passwords are hashed with BCrypt (only)
  • GeoIP black-/whitelist support
  • Forcing certain username format using regex (mostly used to block special characters and spaces)
  • Pretty much everything is configurable
  • Something missing? Feel free to ask from GitHub, or from me directly



This plugin integrates into FastLogin to bypass password login for online-mode players. Neat.


This plugin integrates into LuckPerms to provide authenticated context, so you could negate permissions
until player haven’t logged in yet (to disallow someone trying to snoop admin/mod chats)

Example usage:

  • /lpb group admin permission set adminchatter.chat.admin false -> negate adminchat by default
  • /lpb group admin permission set adminchatter.chat.admin true authenticated=true -> allow adminchat when player is authenticated


Permissions list is here: https://github.com/mikroskeem/BenjiAuth/blob/master/src/main/kotlin/eu/mikroskeem/benjiauth/Permissions.kt


Thanks for CodeMC for providing a CI for Minecraft-related projects




Source code


MIT, of course!