[1.12-1.16.3] BungeePerms

BungeePerms is a permissions plugin for BungeeCord, Velocity, Paper and Spigot. It overrides the built-in permissions system of BungeeCord so you don’t need BungeeCord permissions (anymore). BungeePerms also extends the permissions system to spigot servers. You can use BungeePerms on BungeeCord only or together with your spigot servers. If you use it together you can manage all your permissions with ONE system, BungeePerms.

Source: https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms
Feature requests / bug reports: https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms/issues
Wiki: https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms/wiki
Dev-builds: http://ci.wea-ondara.net/job/BungeePerms
Discord: https://discord.gg/3SsX7pm
FAQ: https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms/wiki/FAQ


  • One permissions system for all your servers
  • Manages all permissions of your network
  • Permission groups
  • Timed permissions and groups
  • Promote/demote functionality
  • Per server and world permissions
  • In-game permission check (check a user’s/group’s permission)
  • In-game list for defined users/groups
  • Complete in-game user and group management
  • Group inheritances, timed inheritances
  • Group ladders
  • Prefixes, suffixes and display for users and groups
  • Mysql and YAML support
  • UUID support (optional, almost a requirement)
  • Regex permissions (optional)

For commands and permissions have a look at https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms/wiki/Commands-and-Permissions.

For more infomation just go to the wiki at https://github.com/weaondara/BungeePerms/wiki.