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  1. Fix BlockStoreConversion bug on folder check (commit: bffabb4) (details)
  2. Introduce buffering in HashChunkletManager (commit: 8dc9555) (details)
  3. Close resources in UUIDFetcher (commit: 877ef15) (details)
  4. Fix resource leak on exception (commit: 69a4ec8) (details)
  5. [UPDATE] XpBar Translation in English to Korean (commit: 6f79a43) (details)
  6. [UPDATE] Add a phrase translation that appears when you first learn a skill (commit: 0897aef) (details)
  7. [UPDATE] Add Korean translations of phrases that appear during level-up (commit: 401e312) (details)
  8. Update (commit: 9a3b261) (details)
  9. Update changelog (commit: 7615ff4) (details)