1. Prevent nesting of bleed damage (commit: b7dd491) (details)
  2. Update changelog (commit: 1c71f1d) (details)
Commit b7dd491c012be38177f4ad68ec1f702e6c812457 by electronicboy
Prevent nesting of bleed damage
This commit prevents the nesting of damage event processing in general
in regards to bleed, health related stuff will need a further glance
over down the line, however; This will fix a major problematic area
(commit: b7dd491)
The file was modifiedsrc/main/java/com/gmail/nossr50/util/skills/
The file was modifiedsrc/main/java/com/gmail/nossr50/listeners/
Commit 1c71f1daf5a49dcafabaab1fd07c13fd8eecfc2c by electronicboy
Update changelog
(commit: 1c71f1d)
The file was modifiedChangelog.txt