1. Updated Upstream (BungeeCord) (commit: 6456426) (details)
Commit 6456426ebdf5c4ad3b32a8954607892e70139e63 by Shane Freeder
Updated Upstream (BungeeCord)

Upstream has released updates that appears to apply and compile correctly.
This update has not been tested by PaperMC and as with ANY update, please do your own testing

BungeeCord Changes:
065893b5 Update Netty to 4.1.44.Final and remove usage of some deprecated methods
(commit: 6456426)
The file was modifiedBungeeCord-Patches/0001-POM-Changes.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedBungeeCord-Patches/0047-Provide-an-option-to-disable-entity-metadata-rewriti.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedBungeeCord (diff)
The file was modifiedBungeeCord-Patches/0017-Allow-invalid-packet-ids-for-forge-servers.patch (diff)