1. Updated Upstream (BungeeCord) (commit: f2cd093) (details)
Commit f2cd0938da4b4b6a7068d6f2e692438d8312fbf0 by Shane Freeder
Updated Upstream (BungeeCord)
Upstream has released updates that appears to apply and compile
correctly. This update has not been tested by PaperMC and as with ANY
update, please do your own testing
BungeeCord Changes: e2bc7ed7 Misc formatting fixes 9133a6f5 Simplify
packet registration
(commit: f2cd093)
The file was modifiedBungeeCord-Patches/0033-Fix-potion-race-condition-on-Forge-1.8.9.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedBungeeCord-Patches/0017-Allow-invalid-packet-ids-for-forge-servers.patch (diff)
The file was addedBungeeCord-Patches/0048-fixup-Fix-potion-race-condition-on-Forge-1.8.9.patch
The file was modifiedBungeeCord-Patches/0008-Fixup-ProtocolConstants.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedBungeeCord (diff)