1. Set up Log4j 2 async loggers using system property (commit: f8cc726) (details)
Commit f8cc72652056610400db1e758c61d1495639f640 by Jamie Mansfield
Set up Log4j 2 async loggers using system property
From the Log4j 2 documentation:
  When AsyncLoggerContextSelector is used to make all loggers
make sure to use normal <root> and <logger> elements in the
The AsyncLoggerContextSelector will ensure that all loggers are
asynchronous, using a mechanism that is different from what happens
you configure <asyncRoot> or <asyncLogger>. The latter elements are
intended for mixing async with sync loggers.
Since we are not using mixed sync/async loggers, we should use the
system property to enable the async loggers.
(commit: f8cc726)
The file was modifiedBungeeCord-Patches/0040-Use-Log4j2-for-logging-and-TerminalConsoleAppender-f.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedBungeeCord-Patches/0043-Add-Log4j-configuration-that-replicates-the-old-Bung.patch (diff)