1. Break up and make tab spam limits configurable (commit: 81806ab) (details)
Commit 81806abef656b5a5bb00105acf7c1b068c2645cb by Shane Freeder
Break up and make tab spam limits configurable
Due to the changes in 1.13, clients will send a tab completion request
for all bukkit commands in order to factor in the lack of support for
brigadier and provide backwards support in the API.
Craftbukkit, however; has moved the chat spam limiter to also interact
with the tab completion request, which while good for avoiding abuse,
causes 1.13 clients to easilly be kicked from a server in bukkit due to
this. Removing the spam limit could cause issues for servers, however,
there is no way for servers to manipulate this without blindly
cancelling kick events, which only causes additional complications. This
also causes issues in that the tab spam limit and chat share the same
field but different limits, meaning that a player having typed a long
command may be kicked from the server.
Splitting the field up and making it configurable allows for server
owners to take the burden of this into their own hand without having to
rely on plugins doing unsafe things.
This patch has been applied to 1.12.2 in order to allow people using
plugins which allow clients of newer versions to connect, this is not a
common practice, however is being done as a level of nicety given the
current status of 1.13
(commit: 81806ab)
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