1. Apply spawner delay for cancelled pre spawn events (#1276) (commit: ef0dfd0) (details)
Commit ef0dfd0628538977318e305dbf467362a2f83113 by aikar
Apply spawner delay for cancelled pre spawn events (#1276)
Setting the flag updates the spawner's delay which stops the spawner
from trying to find a new spawn position each tick efter the event was
cancelled/aborted which makes it usable for mob stackers/mergers and
other plugins that don't actually want any mob to spawn in the spawner
cycle but keep the overall behaviour close to vanilla.
This might slightly effect existing plugins that use this event but I
doubt anyone really relied on this behaviour, the only possible use case
that I can think of is cancelling the event until you find a suitable
position in your plugin... and this should be handled by the plugin
itself by cancelling and spawning at the position manually.
(commit: ef0dfd0)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0261-PreCreatureSpawnEvent.patch (diff)