1. Add SentientNPC Interface to Entities (commit: ed61b29) (details)
Commit ed61b2982e441b94eee152ef62836072e3512fbc by aikar
Add SentientNPC Interface to Entities
Used to determine ACTUAL Living NPC's. Spigot mistakenly inversed the
conditions for LivingEntity, and used LivingEntity for Insentient
Entities, and named the actual EntityLiving class EntityInsentient.
This should of all been inversed on the implementation side. To make
matters worse, Spigot never exposed the differentiator that there are
entities with AI that are not sentient/alive such as Armor stands and
Players are the only things that do not implement the REAL EntityLiving
class (named Insentient internally)
This interface lets you identify NPC entities capable of sentience, and
able to move about and react to the world.
(commit: ed61b29)
The file was addedSpigot-API-Patches/0112-Add-SentientNPC-Interface-to-Entities.patch