1. If we remove a corrupt TE, ensure we save the chunk (commit: 1127a49) (details)
  2. Configurable Alternative LootPool Luck Formula (commit: 50a23d5) (details)
Commit 1127a49cedcde2a709d52f6303c91f04a88c2675 by aikar
If we remove a corrupt TE, ensure we save the chunk
(commit: 1127a49)
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Commit 50a23d5ea37936df573fcedc9d4a37a71ef148a3 by aikar
Configurable Alternative LootPool Luck Formula
Rewrites the Vanilla luck application formula so that luck can be
applied to items that do not have any quality defined.
See: for data and details
The rough summary is: My goal was that in a pool, when luck was applied,
the pool rebalances so the percentages for bigger items is lowered and
smaller items is boosted.
Do this by boosting and then reducing the weight value, so that larger
numbers are penalized more than smaller numbers. resulting in a larger
reduction of entries for more common items than the reduction on small
weights, giving smaller weights more of a chance
This work kind of obsoletes quality, but quality would be useful for 2
items with same weight that you want luck to impact in varying
Fishing still falls into that as the weights are closer, so luck will
invalidate junk more.
This change will result in some major changes to fishing formulas.
I would love to see this change in Vanilla, so Mojang please pull :)
(commit: 50a23d5)
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