1. Fix racey NextTickListEntry creation. (#2683) (commit: 10c29e7) (details)
Commit 10c29e7369df57f7bdb68bf8b4fdc6f229e6a014 by zach
Fix racey NextTickListEntry creation. (#2683)
The counter is used to distinguish entries from each other, however
since we can concurrently increment the counter we could totally
over the comparision of entries (see a() in NextTickListEntry),
compares only the time when the entry will tick, the priority
it will tick, and the counter. The block is not compared.
Async loading loads the chunk asynchronously which creates these
entries asynchronously.
(commit: 10c29e7)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0409-Asynchronous-chunk-IO-and-loading.patch (diff)