1. Really fix JLine on Windows (commit: ff8b9ef) (details)
Commit ff8b9ef3d5fb04db14b4116f9465cad4a673b3a4 by zach
Really fix JLine on Windows
The history of how paths work in Win32 is a sad story and shall not be
documented here. Needless to say, Windows hates the temporary file name
for jansi's native code since it includes the version. For git builds,
it includes quotes around the actual version. But alas, the issue
apparently doesn't occur if you build on Windows since it removes the
quotes from the git commandline that is ultimately used to build the
version string, because of more Win32 sadness and shame.
Go look at Raymond Chen's blog, The Old New Thing. It's full of Windows
oddities and it will make you want to weep because almost 90% of the
world uses this legacy OS from the 1980s.
(commit: ff8b9ef)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0153-Use-TerminalConsoleAppender-for-console-improvements.patch (diff)