1. Add option to disable relative projectile velocity (commit: ad8dbf3) (details)
Commit ad8dbf3d2bf60b3154eba52c59cbe13dcd82631d by zach
Add option to disable relative projectile velocity
Allows server owners to use 1.8 (and prior)'s projectile behavior
(ignored shooter's velocity when calculating projectile's velocity).
This patch adds an option "disable relative projectile velocity", which,
when enabled, will cause projectiles to ignore the shooter's current
velocity, like they did in Minecraft 1.8 and prior. If a player is
falling, for example, their shooting range will be drastically reduced,
as a downwards velocity is applied to the projectile. This prevents
players from saving themselves from falling off floating islands, for
example, as a thrown ender pearl will not make it back to the island,
while it would have in 1.8.
While this could easily be done with plugins, too, there are multiple
problems: 1) If multiple plugins cancel the velocity by subtracting the
shooter's velocity
  from the projectile's velocity, the projectile's velocity would be
  As there's no way to detect whether the projectile's velocity has
already been
  adjusted to ignore the player's velocity, plugins can't not do it if
it's not
  necessary. 2) I've noticed some inconsistencies, e.g. weird velocity
when shooting while
  using an elytra. Checking for those inconsistencies is possible, but
not as
  efficient as just not applying the velocity in the first place. 3)
Solutions for 1) and especially 2) might not be future-proof, while this
  server-internal fix makes this change future-proof.
(commit: ad8dbf3)
The file was addedSpigot-Server-Patches/0405-Configurable-projectile-relative-velocity.patch