1. don't NPE on dimensionmanager toString (commit: 10d5850) (details)
Commit 10d58504f7d079381d1b0b189a1a8328a8e6ef51 by Shane Freeder
don't NPE on dimensionmanager toString
CraftBukkit uses vanillas DimensionManager, but does not actually
register its own dimension types, etc, due to vanilla
This causes issues because anything, e.g. command feedback, trying to
print information about the world will often attempt to print out the
dimension name, which ends up throwing an NPE due to the lack of a
registered type, we work around this by just returning the world name,
this is not super elegant, but is the only route that promises not to
break stuff.
(commit: 10d5850)
The file was addedSpigot-Server-Patches/0441-don-t-NPE-on-dimensionmanager-toString.patch