1. Handle bad chunks more gracefully (commit: 41c86a6) (details)
Commit 41c86a654882e668040d5e4f24840bbf93e6dd78 by Shane Freeder
Handle bad chunks more gracefully
Brought this patch back from the graveyard, 1.13.x changed how chunks
where loaded and the patch was dropped.
Prior to this change the server would crash when attempting to load a
chunk from a region with bad data.
After this change the server will defer back to vanilla behavior. At
this time, that means attempting to generate a chunk in its place
(and occasionally just not generating anything and leaving small holes
in the world (This might not be accurate as of 1.13.x)).
Should Mojang choose to alter this behavior in the future, this change
will simply defer to whatever that new behavior is.
(commit: 41c86a6)
The file was addedSpigot-Server-Patches/0438-Handle-bad-chunks-more-gracefully.patch