1. Make region files more reliable to write to (commit: c4ff33a) (details)
Commit c4ff33a9e577e1c9951409f6d640d149e23a19f8 by aikar
Make region files more reliable to write to
Previously we would write to header before writing our chunk data, which
opens a window for corruption (or we would overwrite entirely). Now the
saving process has been changed to follow this chain of events:
1. We always allocate a new space to write so we do not potentially
overwrite and corrupt the current data 2. Write the chunk data first
(the order of the fields in the chunk data isn't relevant though) 3.
Flush to disk 4. Write to the region header last 5. Flush to disk 6.
Then we free the previous space allocated
With this chain of events it is impossible for a chunk write to corrupt
a region file, unless the operating system has lied and we have NOT
flushed to disk.
However server administrators are still recommended to continue
performing regular backups.
Note that when Mojang finally decides to change their region format to
deal with oversized chunks this patch must be changed to deal with
whatever system they decide to impose.
We also make use of two flushes to disk per chunk save (to ensure
ordering and ensure data has gone to disk), so this will negatively
affect save performance.
(commit: c4ff33a)
The file was addedSpigot-Server-Patches/0434-Make-region-files-more-reliable-to-write-to.patch