1. Updated Upstream (Bukkit/CraftBukkit) (commit: e952f6e) (details)
Commit e952f6ebe2d3d52297da59278b9bc58d8619b7c9 by Shane Freeder
Updated Upstream (Bukkit/CraftBukkit)
Upstream has released updates that appears to apply and compile
correctly. This update has not been tested by PaperMC and as with ANY
update, please do your own testing
Bukkit Changes: 43b46cbd SPIGOT-4608: Improve quality of MapMeta APIs
CraftBukkit Changes: c7ba9790 Fix incorrect method descriptor in
previous commit 3d19f011 SPIGOT-4608: Improve quality of MapMeta APIs
(commit: e952f6e)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0392-Don-t-sleep-after-profile-lookups-if-not-needed.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0375-Hook-into-CB-plugin-rewrites.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedwork/CraftBukkit (diff)
The file was modifiedwork/Bukkit (diff)