1. Make anti-xray chunk edge mode LOAD the default (commit: 21ba01a) (details)
Commit 21ba01aaf4f53848574a1373c260ecc833857ea0 by zach
Make anti-xray chunk edge mode LOAD the default
Fixes GH-1749
Setting the new default to load chunk edge neighbors may have unintended
side-effects so feedback will be important. Specifically, if you're not
using the asynchronous chunk loader, you should probably switch to mode
2 (WAIT)
Old users will be migrated automatically if: You're using engine mode 1
(HIDE) and you're using chunk-edge-mode 1 (DEFAULT). Other users will
not be migrated.
Thanks @stonar96
(commit: 21ba01a)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0002-Paper-config-files.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0391-Add-option-to-prevent-players-from-moving-into-unloa.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0403-Optimize-redstone-algorithm.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0338-Anti-Xray.patch (diff)