1. Add PlayerConnectionCloseEvent (#1552) (commit: 9cf4eed) (details)
Commit 9cf4eeda470643bdbaa4946e4bb98a12f07feb0d by zach
Add PlayerConnectionCloseEvent (#1552)
* Add PlayerConnectionCloseEvent
This event is invoked when a player has disconnected. It is guaranteed
username have been
The event is invoked for players who have not yet logged into the
world, whereas
logged into the world.
The event is invoked for players who have already logged into the
time of
a Player object
is guaranteed that this
player has already logged into
This event is guaranteed to never fire unless AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent
parallel with
Cancelling the AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent guarantees the corresponding
PlayerConnectionCloseEvent is never called.
The event may be invoked asynchronously or synchronously. As it stands,
it is never invoked asynchronously. However, plugins should check
Event#isAsynchronous to be future-proof.
On purpose, the deprecated PlayerPreLoginEvent event is left out of the
API spec for this event. Plugins should not be using that event, and
how PlayerPreLoginEvent interacts with PlayerConnectionCloseEvent
(commit: 9cf4eed)
The file was addedSpigot-Server-Patches/0416-Add-PlayerConnectionCloseEvent.patch
The file was addedSpigot-API-Patches/0171-Add-PlayerConnectionCloseEvent.patch