1. Update upstream CB (commit: 23a0b8c) (details)
  2. Redo API for vanilla CanPlace and CanDestroy NBT (commit: aac051e) (details)
Commit 23a0b8c7bbf0c8e0bf16298f233dcc9527caedf6 by zach
Update upstream CB
--- work/CraftBukkit Submodule work/CraftBukkit e4183e70..f489f0f7:
> SPIGOT-4494: Remove fix for SPIGOT-3864, better handled by
SPIGOT-3879 fix
(commit: 23a0b8c)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0055-Configurable-inter-world-teleportation-safety.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedwork/CraftBukkit (diff)
The file was addedSpigot-API-Patches/0168-Support-cancellation-supression-of-EntityDismount-Ve.patch
The file was removedSpigot-API-Patches/0167-Support-cancellation-supression-of-EntityDismount-Ve.patch
Commit aac051e35b2fcdab24f5a1dffc864b3241010dcb by zach
Redo API for vanilla CanPlace and CanDestroy NBT
Now properly serializes and deserializes, is factored into hashcodes and
equality checks, etc
Deprecates the old Material based system and replaces it with a new one
based around NamespacedKeys and NamespacedTags. This allows the API to
extend beyond vanilla and Material enum based properties to datapack
based tags and elements.
Fixes GH-1635
(commit: aac051e)
The file was modifiedSpigot-API-Patches/0097-Expand-World.spawnParticle-API-and-add-Builder.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0231-Add-ArmorStand-Item-Meta.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0359-Implement-an-API-for-CanPlaceOn-and-CanDestroy-NBT-v.patch (diff)
The file was modifiedSpigot-API-Patches/0151-Add-an-API-for-CanPlaceOn-and-CanDestroy-NBT-values.patch (diff)