1. Fire entity dismount/vehicle events (but supress their cancellation) for (commit: 65cc6ba) (details)
Commit 65cc6ba7c465059ae7d6506b67882dd258f3cfe6 by Shane Freeder
Fire entity dismount/vehicle events (but supress their cancellation) for
player teleportation
Entities must be dismounted before teleportation in order to avoid
multiple issues in the server with regards to teleportation, shamefully,
too many plugins rely on the events firing, which means that not firing
these events caues more issues than it solves;
In order to counteract this, Entity dismount/exit vehicle events have
been modified to supress cancellation (and has a method to allow plugins
to check if this has been set), noting that cancellation will be
silently surpressed given that plugins are not expecting this event to
not be cancellable.
This is a far from ideal scenario, however: given the current state of
this event and other alternatives causing issues elsewhere, I believe
that this is going to be the best soultion all around.
Improvements/suggestions welcome!
(commit: 65cc6ba)
The file was modifiedSpigot-Server-Patches/0409-force-entity-dismount-during-teleportation.patch (diff)
The file was addedSpigot-API-Patches/0167-Support-cancellation-supression-of-EntityDismount-Ve.patch