1. force entity dismount during teleportation (commit: a16e1a2) (details)
Commit a16e1a2fe7c5487307e1448072e4964ddb5b345c by Shane Freeder
force entity dismount during teleportation
Entities must be dismounted before teleportation in order to avoid
multiple issues in the server with regards to teleportation, while we
now lose the ability for plugins to monitor this specific case of entity
dismount, the alternative is that we allow a cancellable event, but
silently ignore the cancelled status, which might cause further issues
for plugins tracking state
Given that nobody can be relying on the Cancellable state of those
events during teleportation due to the issues that arise from this, this
is a small trade off
(commit: a16e1a2)
The file was addedSpigot-Server-Patches/0409-force-entity-dismount-during-teleportation.patch