1. [CI-SKIP] Remove some unneeded patches from removed folder (commit: 62a5faf) (details)
  2. Restore Optimized Hoppers patch (commit: 0e35490) (details)
Commit 62a5faf378c188cabc91a890226b41d75ce1ebb3 by Daniel Ennis
[CI-SKIP] Remove some unneeded patches from removed folder
illegal packet concept is gone hoppers was old version, newer version
was under diff file name jungle appears completely different and
inapplicable now invalid stats was already re-applied
(commit: 62a5faf)
The file was removedremoved/server/0184-Add-option-to-remove-invalid-statistics.patch
The file was removedremoved/server/0185-IllegalPacketEvent.patch
The file was removedremoved/server/0269-Optimize-Hoppers.patch
The file was removedremoved/server/0200-Do-not-allow-a-zero-max-height-in-BiomeJungle.patch
Commit 0e3549023c6bf6fb99059c44927eb9389b89827a by Daniel Ennis
Restore Optimized Hoppers patch
Mojang changed behavior of .cloneItemStack() so that if you clone while
count = 0, it clones as AIR instead of original Item type.
So we needed a flag to keep old behavior.
(commit: 0e35490)
The file was addedSpigot-Server-Patches/0347-Optimize-Hoppers.patch