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  1. Compile against 1.13 preview. Still a lot of work to do. One thing to (commit: ace361a) (details)
  2. Update lombok and remove antrun to fix compiling with JDK9 (commit: 7e40d13) (details)
  3. Set target to Java 8 (for 1.13) & update Maven plugins (#1922) (commit: 03b25a0) (details)
  4. update bukkit to 1.13-R0.1-SNAPSHOT. (commit: 768b927) (details)
  5. Remove deprecated economy libs and support (commit: bef4407) (details)
  6. Add module for FlattenedProvider (commit: 3e1857b) (details)
  7. Implement ItemDbProviders, pt 1 (commit: c5376d3) (details)
  8. Implement ItemDbProviders, pt 2 (commit: 4be28ba) (details)
  9. Add tipped arrows support on 1.9/1.10 (commit: 3ef0f20) (details)
  10. Clean up unused files (commit: a302913) (details)
  11. Implement ItemDbProviders, pt 4 (commit: e2507d2) (details)
  12. Misc changes (commit: 9b39509) (details)
  13. Implement ItemDbProviders, pt 6 (commit: dd9a0de) (details)
  14. Add items.json (commit: 3705dbd) (details)
  15. Include JSON files in jar at build time (commit: d5b43b7) (details)
  16. Refactor to allow items to be added after first load (commit: 05fcb7b) (details)
  17. Add per-provider implementations of ItemData (commit: 96c6c7b) (details)
  18. Bump Bukkit version to 1.13.1 (commit: bdb32f5) (details)
  19. ItemDbProvider#resolve returns ItemData (commit: 3bf669c) (details)
  20. Add some comments to LegacyItemDbProvider (commit: 0afa007) (details)
  21. Implement 1.13 item support (#2153) (commit: 320bc25) (details)
  22. Revert "Implement 1.13 item support (#2153)" (commit: cdba518) (details)
  23. Remove providers; move JSON support into ItemDb (commit: 177e5f6) (details)
  24. Target Bukkit 1.13.2 (commit: cd3b342) (details)
  25. Bump version to 2.16.0 and release 2.16-pre1 (commit: 23d92fa) (details)
  26. Ignore kits.yml created during tests (commit: d1e60de) (details)
  27. Bump to 2.16-pre2 (commit: aa4d3cc) (details)
  28. Bump to 2.16-pre3 (commit: 3553328) (details)
  29. Remove redundant BuildTools instructions (commit: 58117eb) (details)
  30. Bump to 2.16-pre4 (commit: 4431d45) (details)
  31. Update Lombok to compile on Java 9+ (commit: 502d37b) (details)
  32. Add new build preparation script (commit: 437be59) (details)
  33. Travis: make build prep script executable (commit: 1106982) (details)
  34. Improve the wording of the README's "Building" section (commit: e7bdb7f) (details)
  35. Release 2.16.0 :tada: (commit: f7cbb14) (details)